3D Printing Adventures

A fun composed image of 3D printed parts.

Made a canvas handle for my painting parties. Mostly it is for schlepping a canvas paintings around.
It is also a helpful way to hold a small canvas. Here is the render and a few pictures of how it can be used.
The print is without supports or raft. Just two hours to print.  Purchase yours at this link...


Sequence of 3D printed doll design and the latest version helping me blog.


Da Vinci Duo Modifications video:

YouTube Video

Currently own
  Makerbot replicator 2
  XYZ Davinci duo
  Rigidbot: not working

On order
  Peachy printer

June 16th
Major achievement: Designed this Z stop myself, printed it myself AND now have a working Z stop!
Can get glass for print  bed now. WhooHoo

June 3rd
Finally got some decent prints!

May 10 AM
Looked for two holes together and installed the stop electronics.

May 10th Did a rebuild to correct several mistakes.
Base was outside-in, Hot end attachment upside down, as was entire bridge.
Now wondering where these go, have one in hole marked with green. It will never get activated with the wood part hanging down.

April 28th Wondering which motor goes where.

April 27th 2012, received printrBot by Fed Ex.
Here is pic of unpacked box.

Here is the assembly process! episode 1.

YouTube Video